I Read Minds, And So Do You!

"Expand Your Mind By Overcoming Restricting Beliefs & Become More Successful At Whatever Profession You Pursue."

Learn How to Use Your Own Mental Abilities in Order to Increase Your Understanding of Yourself & Communicate More Effectively with Others.



From the Desk of:

  Anton J. Zellmann

Zellmann Publishing, LLC

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Dear Reader:

Imagine being able to actually read the minds of others. The fact is - I believe reading minds is a natural human ability that everyone has been experiencing since birth. Unfortunately, since we've all been "programmed" with the impression that reading minds isn't possible, we've not learned how to tap its full potential.

In fact, I would guess just like most people you probably think the ability to read minds requires some special "psychic" ability. The truth is that mind reading is not some uncanny or exclusive ability that some people have and others do not. You are reading my mind at this very moment. This thought I am expressing is originating in my mind and being received into your mind. The same process takes place during conversations between two people or groups of people.

Mind reading is simply another expression of communication.

The words, gestures and even the movements of my eyes are communicating a thought from my mind to the mind of the viewer or listener. Of course, most people would agree that certain sounds, gestures and facial expressions all have specific meanings. But important questions still remain. Where are my thoughts coming from? Are my thoughts produced in the area of my brain that has been labeled as my "mind"? And, where are my thoughts and communications being received?

It's for this reason that "mind reading" as a form of communication is much more complex then many people realize.

Introducing... A Unique Collection of Techniques for Improving Your Memory as a Catalyst for Enhancing Your Mental Skills, Including; Concentration, Creativity and Sharper, More Objective Thinking.

Over the past twenty years I've taught hundreds of thousands of people on how to improve their memory habits. Although I've spoken to many audiences about a wide variety of mind skills, I've become especially well-known as a memory expert.

However, over the years what I've really been doing is showing my audiences how to use their own memory abilities to increase their understanding of themselves. This in turn helps them to communicate more effectively with other people and to become more successful at whatever profession they pursue, whether it's marketing, doctoring, management or selling.

If you've witnessed one of my more then 5,000 memory presentations then you know that after I demonstrate what I call "perfect memory" I teach my audience how to accomplish exactly what they just saw me do. I take great pleasure as I witness hundreds of smiles on the faces of my audience as they begin to understand that while learning to improve their memory they can also increase their ability to concentrate and make better decisions. Now I've finally assembled the very best memory techniques and exercises and have presented them all for the first time in my exciting new book,
I Read Minds, And So Do You!

I began writing this book in 2001, after I retired as a Mentalist performing at Corporate events and Trade Shows. I wrote I Read Minds, And So Do You! with two purposes in mind. For the general public who enjoy learning about the enlightening topics I cover in the book. But also as a tool for the performers who want solid information, stories and exercises to include in their mental act or even as they perform a simple mental demonstration.

Fifteen Enlightening Chapters of Absolutely Powerful Life-Changing Information


You'll Change Your Perception About the Power of Your Own Mental & Problem Solving Abilities

I Read Minds, And So Do You! is presented in fifteen easy-to-read chapters, including: step-by step examples and exercises you can follow on your own, plus an engaging collection of memory, perception and creative practice suggestions.

I Read Minds, And So Do You! also contains dozens of helpful illustrations throughout each informative chapter.  Allowing you the ability to exercise and build your own memory skills as you read along and learn.  

Attention Speakers and Presenters: Contains Real-Life Stories and Exercises to Include in Your Next Talk or Presentation.

Every Presenter delivering mental demonstrations is certain to learn new material to support the patter for your talks or presentations. This book is loaded with the stories, concepts, thoughts, language and exercises that I've presented to my audiences for over the past thirty years.

Each instructive chapter thoroughly explores a different method of perfecting your memory and mind reading skills:

Chapter One:  Why Read Minds?:

You'll learn why I'm convinced EVERYONE is already reading minds as well as how memory can act as a catalyst for enhancing your own mental ability. This Chapter includes;

Chapter Two:  Mind to Mind - It's All About Communication:

Chapter Two describes the many facets of the entire communication process.  This includes the elements that influence your ability to communicate with other people and comprehend what they are communicating to you.  This chapter covers;

Chapter Three:  The "I/You" Concept - Beyond My Self-Talk:

Covers the "I/You" concept which I've been working with for over 25 years. A completely different way to look at yourself and your relationships with people as well as the world around you.  Notice the impact each of the following messages has on your mind as you read them as "I" statements.  This Chapter sets the stage for your total absorption of the positive messages you'll learn throughout the book, including;

Chapter Four:  My Brain - The Nuts and Bolts of My Memory:

Chapter Four reviews the important physical mechanics of memory including the care and "feeding" of your brain. This Chapter explores how your brain cells provide you with tremendous learning and memory capacity.  Including;

Chapter Five:  NLP - A Window to My Thinking:

Chapter Five takes you on a brief tour of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, more commonly known as NLP.  Discover the associations between thinking, language and behavior. By using some simple techniques you'll be able to use NLP to read minds, beginning with your own.

Chapter Six:  I Do What I Believe I Can Do:

Chapter Six reveals the power of beliefs.  You'll learn how your individual beliefs are connected to your perception of the world around you and how you communicate with yourself. 

Chapter Seven:  Perception - I See What I Think I See:

Chapter Seven describes how your beliefs are connected to how you perceive the world.  How you perceive the world is critical to how you decide to move about within it.  This chapter covers;

Chapter Eight:  Listening - I Hear What I Want to Hear:

Chapter Eight covers another form of perception - listening.  It's impossible to remember something if you don't know how to listen.  This chapter explores several simple (yet highly effective) examples designed to improve your ability to listen.

Chapter Nine:  Intuition - My Other Sense:

Chapter Nine covers another important form of perception - intuition. Intuition helps you make sense of all information you absorb everyday through all of your other perceptions. At any given moment, you see, hear, feel, taste and smell much more then you realize.  By using your intuition you will be able to make quick meaning of it all.  This chapter includes;

Chapter Ten:  Creativity - Expanding My Mind:

Chapter 10 helps you understand how to use the tools discussed in the previous chapters to expand your mind and enhance your creative skills.  This chapter explains how your beliefs, assumptions and "framing" of the way you see things influence your ability to create.

Chapter Eleven:  A Brief Pause - Recapping the Messages:

Chapter Eleven provides a compelling recap of all of the major components to acquiring the ability to read your own mind, including;

Chapter Twelve:  Reading My Own Mind - I Am a Living Example:

Chapter Twelve shares important events which have occurred in my life that clearly illustrate how I learned how to apply all of the principles and concepts covered in the book, including;

Chapter Thirteen: Understanding and Reading Your Own Mind - All It Takes Is Practice:

Chapter Thirteen provides you with some helpful exercises that will enable you to read your own mind.  Remember: The more skilled you can become at reading your own mind - the more skilled you can become at reading the minds of others.  The chapter covers;

Chapter Fourteen: At Last - Reading Their Minds:

Chapter Fourteen combines the successful techniques you've learned to read your own mind so you can begin reading the minds of others. Including;

Chapter Fifteen: A Work in Progress - I Will or I Will Not:

Chapter Fifteen concludes I Read Minds, And So Do You! with some of my personal thoughts on how each of us are all students and teachers - all of us are "works in progress."


Just Take a Look at a Few of the Statements
Being Made About "I Read Minds, And So Do You!"


"To read this book is like meeting Anton Zellmann.  As you work your way through the many pages of I Read Minds, And So Do You! you'll experience all of the facets of his fascinating personality.  One moment he will be telling you very revealing personal things about himself. At another moment, he will be teasing you with illusions.

At times he will be the man next door, sharing some common-sense guidelines about life.  At other times he will be a professor, guiding you to some recent scientific discoveries.

In I Read Minds, And So Do You! you'll explore ways to awaken your own creative ability. You'll learn how to tap into your intuition.  You'll learn how to overcome restricting beliefs and expand your mind.

I found what he offers to be as valid and useful as any textbook."

- Arnie Dahlke, Ph.D.

Santa Barbara, California USA



"... A great book, which will become a classic in it's field and rival the works of Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie.

The book is very well written, in a clear, concise fashion, not overly
technical, and it's content is something that any layperson reading the book could understand the ideas being put across. The illustrations and diagrams are very good, and add greatly to the text, which is very inspirational."

- Roger Ferriby

   Epworth, North Doncaster, United Kingdom



"The book really is an interactive experience, full of exercises that Anton urges you to work along with as you read. Skeptical at first, I found myself quickly sucked in and marking up my copy with a mechanical pencil. Although the concepts are not new--eye-accessing cues, thinking outside the box--the way the book nails them is wonderfully appealing, effective--even inspiring.

Finally this is a deeply personal book, full of risk-taking. Here Anton
reveals much of himself, talking candidly about his life, brushes with
illness, and the way he personally uses the techniques he describes in his book to deal with life's ups and downs, with relationships, with all the twisty turn-y challenges that life presents.

Great stuff. I recommend it highly."

- Mark Sherman

Bellingham, Washington USA



Let me ask you one last question...

Did any of your teachers ever spend class time teaching you specifically how your mind works, how you process thought, or what role your emotions play in the processing of thoughts that lead to your actions? 

If you are like most people, probably not.

I find it truly amazing that from the earliest grades on, we are told to listen, to concentrate, to memorize, to be creative, to study, and to think.  Yet there are apparently no subjects, at least in the early grades, structured specifically to teach us how to increase and improve these fundamental functions of our minds.

The fact is:  Mind reading is not some uncanny or exclusive ability that some people have and others do not.  Now you can actually learn how to identify, exercise and improve this extraordinary human interaction with I Read Minds, And So Do You!

Achieve More From the "Business of Life" By Understanding and Using Your Own Mental and Intuitive Powers By Ordering a Copy of I Read Minds, And So Do You!

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